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The SynerJ-Health story

The SynerJ-Health story

Aphanizomenon from Klamath Lake: A unique origin

Imagine a lake with deep waters, an exceptional turquoise color, nestled in an ancient crater: you are in the heart of the immense Crater Lake National Park in the northwestern mountains of the United States.

Further south, the mineral-laden waters give rise to Klamath Lake, which is known to be home to a green microalga called Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae, often referred to simply as Klamath. This biotope is unique and Klamath Lake is the only place in the world where this wild algae grows.

This small plant that appears spontaneously in the warm season is precious because it offers a range of nutrients and is full of benefits, including acting on our vitality and the production of our own stem cells!

An original demonstration is given to us by the Bald eagle, this beautiful bald eagle: threatened in its survival it came to nest on the banks of the lake Klamath to feed on this wonder of the nature.



Klamath in France By SynerJ-Health

Once upon a time... A meeting, in 1999, at the edge of the Klamath lake, between a passionate researcher and a blue-green natural treasure. The biologist is Jacques Prunier, the nugget the wild alga Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae.

The man is an entrepreneurial precursor: enthusiastic about its benefits, he is involved in the recognition and legalization of the Aphanizomenon by France.

2012 : SynerJ creates the reference with AlphaOne 100% pure Aphanizomenon from Klamath Lake

Because AlphaOne is harvested and preserved under specific conditions, it has been awarded European approval, a guarantee of unique quality and high nutritional value.

Choosing AlphaOne, the authentic Aphanizomenon algae from Klamath Lake, is the most certain way to benefit from the multiple virtues of this unique natural food.



About Jacques PRUNIER

A strong personality with a pioneering spirit, Jacques Prunier became interested in Klamath algae and stem cell regeneration very early on. Thanks to him, the marketing of Aphanizomenon is now legalized in France and its benefits are recognized. Follow some excerpts of this video conference and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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SynerJ-Health: A true identity

Playing with the word Synergy "Working together" in Greek, Jacques Prunier liked to create his universe of food supplements around this image with strong connotations of balance and harmony.

Creating a link makes sense with our collaborators and partners who accompany you on a daily basis. And then, as a small token of appreciation, we personalized our brand with the J of the founder. SynerJ was born!

As for the eagle in our emblem, it salutes the Bald Eagle, who came to settle on the shores of Klamath Lake, where the Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae algae flourishes.



SynerJ-Health's expertise

AlphaOne the reference Klamath

A pioneer yesterday, SynerJ-Health is today the market leader for Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae with AlphaOne, the authentic algae from Klamath Lake.

Working exclusively with the most important harvester, an expert for over four decades, we guarantee the highest level of performance and nutritional quality. Each summer, we harvest by taking a small portion of the lake's spontaneous production from barges positioned on Upper Klamath, the upper part of Klamath Lake where the water is at its liveliest. We work gently, with precious care, according to a very supervised patented protocol and controls at each stage.

Our harvester is the only one to practice such a level of selection. For these requirements of collection, routing and processing guaranteeing a stable, healthy and safe composition AlphaOne 100% Aphanizomenon is the only harvest benefiting from a European approval which was awarded to SynerJ-Health in 2012.



SynerJ-Health the excellence of the leader

The Aphanizomenon from Klamath Lake is the only non-cultivable wild algae with remarkable properties. Still it is necessary to consume the product in its optimal presentation preserving all its nutritional qualities.

True native green gold, AlphaOne 100% pure powder of Aphanizomenon is a source of many benefits: vital nutrients, including essential amino acids, vitamins, anti-oxidants, phenyl ethylamine, known as the happiness hormone, phycocyanine with anti-pain effects and which plays on the proliferation of stem cells in the body

Discover the full composition

  • AlphaOne 100% pure powder of Aphanizomenon is certified natural wild and organic quality
  • AlphaOne 100% pure powder of Aphanizomenon meets the very elitist GMP (good manufacturing practices) specifications as well as the NSF international (link) and its sport variant, as non-doping.

Much richer in nutrients than its cultivated cousin spirulina, AlphaOne 100% pure powder of Aphanizomenon provides additional elements that give it other major interests: good mood, effect on stem cells, large amount of antioxidants useful against free radicals.

Non-toxicity guarantee: Thanks to the harvesting measures we apply, we guarantee that AlphaOne 100% pure Aphanizomenon powder is free of any cyanobacteria or other potentially toxic agents.


At the heart of our body : stem cells

Consumed at a rate of a few grams per day, we have shown that Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae acts on the natural production of our stem cells. What is it about? Our body is a highly organized assembly of an infinite number of cells, real little power plants that communicate with each other and together create vital functions. They are endowed with multiplication properties that allow our organs to regenerate.

Some cells are particularly valuable. Like those of the fetus in the womb, they are able to differentiate to form tissues. These are the stem cells and we make them every day. They circulate through the blood and regenerate our organs because stem cells can become any type of specialized cell: heart, brain, muscle ...



SynerJ-Health precursor on stem cells

Working on the subject since the early 2000s, we have developed an expertise in the field and innovated by showing that a large quantity of circulating stem cells considerably increases the self-repair capacity of our organs.

We then developed two supplements specifically oriented on their manufacture. SynerSTEM presented in 2010 and SynerBOOST in 2014, which act on our body's natural ability to manufacture its own stem cells.

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SynerJ close to you

In its approach of well-being and proximity, SynerJ-Health proposes direct sales for the real benefits it brings you:

  • Our SynerJ-Health consultants are familiar with each of our products, its specificities and its values
  • Nos conseillers SynerJ-Health savent vous guider et vous conseiller selon vos besoins
  • Our SynerJ-Health consultants ensure a personal relationship and a high value-added follow-up
  • Our SynerJ-Health consultants share our values and passion

Our SynerJ-Health consultants can really help you change your life! There are more than 1,500 of them in France and they are spread throughout Europe. Together we support nearly 85,000 individual clients.

Be contacted by a consultant

SynerJ-Health is close to you: Jacques Prunier and his team also host conferences and trade shows in your regions. This is an opportunity to get to know each other, exchange ideas and build relationships.

Consult the agenda and how to attend these meetings.



SynerJ-Health : A team of passionate people

The Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae has ensured the reputation of the young company SynerJ-Health, which is developing autonomously, centered on its values: humanity, listening and advice, with collaborators and partners who are experts in their field.

  • A humanist and a man of conviction, Jacques Prunier, creator and soul of SynerJ-Health
  • Recognized players: Biologists, researchers, health professionals and a scientific committee who invent and develop unique formulas
  • Networked advisors, close to consumers: availability, proximity and personalized relationship
  • Direct collaborators, hand in hand with the founder A sales team oriented towards the customer and listening to his needs
  • A management partner, legal and financial expert, specialist in Direct Sales



SynerJ-Health Member of the FVD since 2011

The Fédération de la Vente Directe is committed to promoting a distribution channel in France based on a code of ethics that guarantees rigor, reliability and professionalism. SynerJ-Health is proud to have been a member for over 10 years. Being validated by the FVD represents a guarantee of quality and confidence for our clients.

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