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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? About stem cells, SynerBoost, Aphanizomenon algae, the use of one of our products or your order ?
Visit this section which gathers several recurring topics, classified by theme. However, note that each situation is specific and the elements presented here are general and simplified.

Take advantage of a private appointment with your advisor to assess your situation and receive tailored answers to your case. If you wish, your advisor can share your concern with the members of the scientific committee. They will provide the appropriate response elements which will then be transmitted to you.


All SynerJ-Health products complement each other and there is no need to fear any interaction when they are used simultaneously, according to the recommended instructions.

There are no constraints: you can swallow your capsules at any time of the day, according to your rhythm of life and your convenience. It is generally more comfortable to do it at the beginning or during a meal and while drinking a sufficient quantity of liquid.

In a safety approach for the consumer, the DGCCRF imposes certain labeling rules.

No, our products do not contain stem cells, are not associated with embryonic stem cells or treatments involving stem cell cultures.

The symptoms you are experiencing are probably a sign that your body is working and that you are on the road to improvement. For example, AlphaOne® is a living algae that has an extremely powerful detoxification potential. Because of this role, signs of detoxification can occur: headaches, low blood pressure, skin rashes, nausea, diarrhea/constipation... It is to avoid this that we recommend always starting with small doses, and gradually increasing, until the nominal dose is reached.

Given our lifestyle, which unfortunately is far from respecting our physiological needs (sleep, diet, stress, pollution of all kinds), it seems interesting, even necessary, to supplement our diet on a regular basis with highly energized living foods such as AlphaOne, to boost our stem cells with SynerBoost, to maintain the good condition of the intestinal mucosa and to enrich our intestinal flora with products from the Intestinal Balance line. Whatever your situation, you will find a definite benefit in consuming one or more of our products, either on a regular basis or by cure according to your needs.

Yes, it is! Your pet will benefit greatly from the health advantages of Alpha One®, SynerBoost®, SupraStin® and, in general, the whole range. We have many very convincing and astonishing testimonies knowing that there are no placebo effects in animals.

SynerJ-Health products rebalance our bodies for optimal physiological functioning.

SynerJ-Health uses vegetarian-friendly capsules that are commonly used in the food supplement industry. They contain no gelatin or animal products of any kind. They are essentially made of cellulose, a polysaccharide fiber extracted from non-GMO vegetables or corn.

Algae AFA

The harvesting of AlphaOne follows a very controlled process to guarantee the richness in nutrients and the total absence of toxins. Once harvested, we dehydrate our seaweed using a process called "Bioactive Deshydration". This process never heats up to more than 40°C. Therefore the seaweed can be considered original and keeps all its natural vitamins, enzymes and other phyto nutrients intact. This process is particularly well suited to the preservation of heat sensitive components such as chlorophyll and enzymes.

Yes, AlphaOne is of organic quality: the labeling presents the two labels: American with "Procert" and the euro leaf common to the European countries.

Only the company SynerJ-Health has obtained the European approval in Brussels for its unique AFA marketed in powder or capsules under the name of AlphaOne® approval AlphaONE Nr. PL 2269/1

In addition to a large quantity and variety of nutrients with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and mood regulating properties, AlphaOne contains a known molecule L-selectin whose effects on the release of adult bone marrow stem cells have been demonstrated by a published scientific study.

The Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae algae, which is present in many of the products developed by SynerJ-Health, is harvested in Upper Klamath Lake, in Oregon - USA. This natural site is fed by a network of mountain streams and waterfalls, on a 11 meter deep volcanic soil extremely rich in sediments and minerals. This ecosystem is totally unique in the world by its purity, contributing to the abundant development of this wild food often called "super ABV" Blue Green Algae.

AlphaOne® is a natural product harvested each year. Depending on the weather conditions of the day the color can vary from dark green to medium green, or even what may appear to be a slightly brown color. The smell can also vary as well as the density. For this reason, the capsules may appear less full but still contain 250 mg of powder. The quality and nutrients that support cell physiology are unchanged.

Yes, of course! The harvesting and packaging facilities are GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and NSF sports certified. All our products are perfectly compatible with intense sports activity, since they are not doping.

Stem cells

They are special cells in the body that have the ability to duplicate themselves over and over again and to transform into cells of almost any tissue in the body. They multiply naturally, specialize as they evolve, and are present in our organs at all ages.

Yes, of course throughout our lives! The process of tissue cell regeneration is essential to help maintain optimal health. Factors such as daily exposure to environmental toxins, a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, stress and aging can lead to a decline in the body's ability to regenerate, which impairs our well-being.

The body's cells are constantly being renewed, which means that cells die and other cells replace them, contributing to the overall renewal of tissues.

As an example, here are average times for the renewal of cells and complete organs:

Intestinal wall: 5 DAYS
Red blood cells: 120 days
Liver : in 3 years
Pancreas : in 4 years
Lung : in 4 to 5 years
Heart : in 20 to 25 years

Stem cells are capable of springing into action to regenerate and repair a damaged organ. Recent scientific studies have shown that they can become almost any cell in the body. For example, adult stem cells can become brain cells, kidney cells, heart cells, muscle cells, etc... It can be said that the role of adult stem cells is to aim at the maintenance and repair of tissue.

Studies show that adult stem cells are released naturally, particularly from bone marrow, and circulate in the bloodstream to repair damaged tissue.


Yes, there are no known nutrient-nutrient interactions with SynerBoost®. And this applies to all of our products.

SynerBoost® can be taken at any time of the day with or without food, but always with sufficient water to facilitate the diffusion of the capsules and active powders. This applies to all our products.

SynerBoost® is a patented and exclusive blend of naturally occurring elements and nutrient-rich concentrates as well as an extract of Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae AlphaOne. It is specifically designed and developed to promote stem cell physiology and concentrates a cocktail of anti-oxidants. SynerBoost® acts on our stem cells. Its action is enhanced when used in tandem with AlphaOne®.

SynerBoost® promotes the natural release of our own adult stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream. Numerous scientific studies have shown that more circulating stem cells means better health.

SynerBoost® contains a very small proportion of elements of animal origin (omega 6 from fish). For this reason alone, it cannot be considered strictly compatible with vegetarian rules. This applies to all our products, which may contain ingredients of animal origin if their properties are of interest.

No, the Aph. flos-aquae used in SynerBoost® comes from our wild harvest. "Wild harvest" means it grows naturally.

Yes, just follow the directions on the label and do so under adult supervision for children.

No, SynerBoost® is not genetically modified. This is valid for all of our products.

No, SynerBoost® does not deplete the stem cell supply in the bone marrow. Throughout our lives, the bone marrow constantly produces and releases stem cells into the bloodstream. SynerBoost increases the production of stem cells by the bone marrow and their release into the bloodstream.

The suggested use of SynerBoost® is two capsules once a day.

There is no reason to be overly concerned: these are legal labeling obligations linked to the filing of our formulas with the DGCCRF.

Other products

The SynerZen® fountain creates fine droplets of water charged with a SynerOil® oil complex, which "washes" the air in the room.  This has the effect of depolluting the air and destroying bad odors. The fountain acts as a gas pedal of organic degradation, avoiding the pestilential phases of fermentation and putrefaction of organic products in the process of catabolism.

Totum® contains a proprietary blend of 15 different natural enzymes with microbial function "microblended" with AlphaOne algae to provide vitamins, minerals and other co-factors.

Enzymes are present in all life forms. In our bodies, enzymes play an important role and are, among other things, responsible for the breakdown of food. Enzymes are responsible for accelerating chemical reactions in living organisms millions of times over. There are many specific enzymes that play an important role in physiological processes (digestion, nerve conduction, hormone synthesis, etc.).

It is a living microorganism that has a beneficial effect on our health. They constitute the intestinal flora, also called microbiota. This bacterial flora ensures many functions of digestion, secretion, protection. Modern life and diet are factors of degradation of the microbiota. In this case, when ingested regularly, the probiotics in SynerLife restore the damaged digestive flora and help fight against external aggressions. According to the World Health Organization, probiotics are living bacteria that, when consumed regularly and in sufficient quantity, have a potentially beneficial effect on health.

In the vast majority of cases, probiotics are very well tolerated. No known adverse effects.

SynerWave® is an accessory created to compensate for the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from our everyday devices. The technology was developed by scientists under the name CMO for Compensation Magnetic Oscillator.

SynerWave® contains an aqueous microcrystalline solution structured by an electromagnetic field that generates hyper-weak bioactive signals to stabilize ion-protein bonds. This ion-protein exchange is the gateway to potential pathological disorders.

SynerWave® must be placed close to transmitting devices: telephone, computer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, babyphone, or near high voltage lines, relay antennas etc... When receiving external electromagnetic fields, your SynerWave® activates and protects the body's natural balance by emitting signals containing the information necessary for the normal functioning of cells and organs. It then "compensates" for the effects of magnetic resonance between the cells and polluting devices and technologies. It acts directly at the level of the cell.

No because the different models are all specific to a given frequency:

SynerWave MF for the home
SynerWave MP for the cell phone
SynerWave PC for the computer.
So there is no "redundancy" between products. The frequencies due to the electronic part of the telephone and computer devices are different and therefore corrected by SynerWave MP and SynerWave PC, but not by the SynerWave MF. Having a SynerWave MF does not exempt you from putting a SynerWave MP on your phone. In the same way that having a SynerWave MF cone for wifi does not exempt you from putting a SynerWave PC on your computer : the frequencies corrected by the 2 CMO are not the same (of course a PC also emits wifi, but not only).

My Order

Yes, you can enter your order on our website. If you don't have an advisor or a sponsor number yet, you can also contact our office. Your request will be processed immediately by our hostesses.

Directly on our site, by the tab "order". You can place your first order with your consultant. In case of difficulty, contact our assistants at 03 87 87 51 86.

Yes, it is possible. For a postal sending, send your mail to the following address

Fiska France - SynerJ Health 

68 Rue Principale

57800 BETTING - France

Yes, this is possible. You just have to click on "add an address", set it up and select it before validating the order. Please note that a change in the country of delivery may lead to a change in prices, due to a different VAT rate!

Shipping costs include the preparation of your package and its shipment. The shipping cost is directly related to the weight of the package. The heavier the order, the higher the shipping cost.

By credit card, check (payable to SYNERJ-HEALTH) or bank transfer.

Yes, you can pay your order in three times, without expenses, if its amount is at least 200 € including all taxes of products (except port) and that you pay by bank card. To do this, you must call our offices at 03 87 87 51 86.

Yes, by going to your account, heading your profile - order - see status

If the status is "Paid and processed": your order has been paid.

Your order is shipped as soon as the payment is registered. If you pay by credit card it is very fast, if you pay by check or transfer, it will be necessary to wait until it is received.

As soon as your order is paid, it is processed by computer and is shipped within ½ day (working days).

In the case of a payment by check, the order is sent upon receipt of your check.

In the case of a payment by credit card, the order is sent the day of your call if you call the office before noon, otherwise the next day.

The delivery time after shipment is fixed at 10 days. However, the average delivery time is 2 to 3 working days.

You can see, through your customer account, the status of your order. If it is not noted "validated" contact our services to solve this.

If the order is validated, you can find its tracking number and can locate your package. If you have indicated that you want to be delivered by the Post Office and if you have registered your cell phone number and your email, the So Colissimo service will send you alerts about the delivery of the package.

Attention, in view of the market value of each parcel, the shipments are made with signature for the reception of the parcels.

Either you refuse the package by indicating the reason "damaged package" to the carrier.

Or you mention a reserve to the carrier and you open the package while pointing out with him the state and the presence of the products in the package. You must then advise our services at 03 87 87 51 86.

You have 15 days after the delivery date of your package to report an error or incident. You must contact the company by phone or by mail: 03 87 87 51 86 -

Contact us immediately by phone or e-mail to report it. 03 87 87 51 86 -

You must refuse the package with the carrier and notify us as soon as possible.

If you have already accepted the package and you do not want it anymore, you must inform us and return the package by your own means. Do not return a package without notifying us first to avoid any error.

Return address:

Fiska France - SynerJ Health

68 Rue Principale

57800 BETTING - France

Yes, if the return is done within the indicated time and the products have not been opened, they will be reimbursed, after reception of the package and verification in our premises. Opened or damaged products will not be refunded. Shipping costs will not be refunded. Please contact our services before returning any goods for refund.

The products offered by SynerJ-Health are food supplements. Our site presents each product, its composition and method of use, as well as user testimonials and practical questions with answers from our medical advisors. In addition to this information, our salespeople and animators are trained to answer your questions. 

If you are unsure about a current medical treatment, consult your therapist / doctor.

Contact the company or person who introduced you to SynerJHealth products to be sponsored.

To be contacted by a consultant (link to contact email message and department)

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